First noble truth: suffering of “Duhkha”

suffering, duhkha

First noble truth: suffering of “Duhkha”

Our teacher, Chan master Žarko Andričević was a guest at the European Buddha Podcast which aims to find out how the wisdom of Buddhism is lived and practiced in the „West“.

The podcast deals with core topics of Buddhism – based on direct experiences from different traditions and life stories. Diverse and close up, it is an introduction for everyone who is interested in spirituality, Buddhism and a good society. It was initiated by the European Buddhist Union (EBU) – an umbrella organization that is open to all Buddhist schools and movements.

The aim of the podcast is to shed light on various core concepts of Buddhism and exchange with experienced practitioners about their meaning. This episode covers the First Noble Truth, duhkha, suffering.

In the conversation with Zarko you can find out that the translation of the sanskrit term “duhkha” as “suffering” is rather inadequate.

How can we understand this teaching of the Buddha and why is it important to face it?

The First Noble Truth: Duhkha