Types of meditation

vrste meditacije

Types of Buddhist meditation

Buddhist meditation has two main aspects: those that lead into stilling the mind (Skt. śamatha) and those that lead into insight (Skt. vipaśyāna). Stilling the mind exists in non-Buddhist traditions, as well, while insight meditation is unique to Buddhism.

The purpose of Buddhist meditation is the stilling and taming of the wild, uncontrollable mind, and gaining insight into its nature, as well as the nature of the phenomena in general.

Restless, wild and bewildered mind presents  a false image of itself and of reality. It causes all the problems and suffering we’re creating to ourselves and others.

Stilling the mind is based on concentration and it leads to the attainment of the samādhi or meditative absorption, while insight is based on contemplation and it leads to the attainment of prājña or wisdom – seeing fenomena as they truly are.

Meditation methods in Chan

Chan uses a variety of traditional buddhist meditation methods such as breath meditation, walking meditation and maitri bhavana or cultivation of loving kindness meditation. Methods specific to Chan, by which the school is renowned, are huatou, a confounding question, and mochao, silent illumination. Particularity and effectiveness of these advanced meditation methods is in the simultaneous use of stilling and insight, śamatha i vipaśyāna.

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Learn to meditate

Based on the four decades of experience in teaching meditation by our teacher Zarko Andricevic, the Tranquility and Insight meditation course is a starting point in the cultivation of the mind.

Learn to meditate in this comprehensive two-day program that will provide you with everything you need to get started: the context of Chan practice, its methods, gradual progress on the path, obstacles and how to deal with them, types of meditation in Chan and much more.

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Meditation course

Tranquility and Insight, meditation course

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