studij Dharme i chana

Mapping the journey

To experience the Chan and to directly encounter the reality of the present moment lies beyond the words. However, we use words in order to reach it – hearing them, pondering upon them and understanding them through a structured study of Buddhadharma. We study our experience of the ourselves and the life in order to understand how it arises and how we can change it. Study is mapping the journey, and chan methods are leading the path.

Lecture cycles

Lectures explore the phenomena of Buddhism in general while demarcating distinction between its geographical, national and cultural characteristics on the one hand, and Buddhadharma as a universal teaching on the other. Topics include introduction to Buddhism, its teachings, meditation practices and historical development, teachings of the Great Vehicle (Mahāyāna)  and the Chan School of Buddhism. 

When the focus is on the Chan School, the starting point is often a famous depiction of the degrees on the path of spiritual development, such as the Ten Ox Herding Pictures. Special emphasis is always placed on the applicability of the teaching of awakening in the conditions of today’s way of life.

All our members have access to the recording of the essential lecture cycles.

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School for Chan and Dharma Teachers

Over the course of several years, the program of study and practice focuses on deeper aspects of Buddhist philosophy that are particularly relevant in the formation of Chan teachings, as well as on the ways in which Chan meditation is taught, ranging from courses and regular meditation sessions to meditation retreats of varying duration. 

Unique in the region, the school serves two important purposes. Firstly, it points out that living the path of understanding and compassion means sharing it with others. Secondly, by educating new teachers, it preserves a valuable and noble path of transformation for future generations.