Developing mindfulness through movement

Zenyoga is a special style of yoga  fully compatible with the practice of Chan – we call it meditation in movement! We have been teaching it for over forty years now and we are the oldest school of yoga in Croatia, registered with Yoga Alliaince as 500RYS since 2003. Zenyoga is suitable for people of all ages and shapes – we do not strive to perform impossible postures but adapt the practice to the physical abilities of each practitioner while deepening the quality of attention and presence.

Practice harmonizes three aspects of our being – body, breath and mind. Mindful movement develops deep awareness of the body, harmonizes the breath with the movement  and settles the attention on the direct experience of the present moment. 

All Zenyoga teachers have completed a comprehensive two-year program that includes attending one, three and seven-day meditation retreats. In a competent and inspiring manner, they translate the spirit of Chan or Zen into movement.

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