Meditation, experiencing the true nature

Meditation is a direct path out of a painful, constricted preoccupation with the self and a fixed dichotomy between me and the others, into peace, joy and freedom. It can help us to let go of stress, attain a higher degree of physical and mental balance and develop positive emotions and harmonious relationships with others. However, its end goal in Chan is the awakening. 

The quality of life or the amount of happiness depends on the state of our mind, which in return depends on the level of our mental stability and the depth of understanding. 

Nothing is fixed, solid and permanent. Cultivating our mind, we can change the way we perceive ourselves, the others and the worlds around us.

Buddha mind

Chan states that our true nature is buddha nature – free, unlimited and full of boundless  wisdom and compassion. Meditation is a path toward discovering that original mind and our true nature, a return to our real home that is hidden underneath layers of illusions and experiences that over time solidified into what we call our character. We are not attempting to become something we’re not, we are discovering who we truly are and have always been without realizing it. That way, we fulfill our pursuit of freedom.


Learn to meditate

Introductory meditation course ‘Tranquility and Insight’ is based on four decades of experience in teaching meditation by our teacher Žarko Andričević. Topics include context of meditation, specific methods and forms of Chan meditation, stages of progress, how to deal with obstacles, and much more. Spend a weekend learning everything you need to start meditating, and if you cannot attend in person, you can join online. Translation in English is provided.

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Meditation course

Tranquility and Insight, meditation course

Saturday, 11.05.2024. u 9:00 -
Sunday, 12.05.2024. u 17:00

Chan Center Hartovski Vrh and online

Hartje bb, Kostanjevac | Zoom