Chan Center

Settled in the inspiring surroundings of a nature park in Croatia, Chan Center is a place dedicated to the practice of contemporary meditation in the tradition of Chan (Zen) Buddhism. It is one of the rare places in Europe designed specifically for meditation retreats.

From a simple ‘how to relax’ to a multi-faceted ‘where is my true home’ and ‘what is my original face’, our programs address essential questions of life. Join us on the all-encompassing path of inner change and realization of our true nature. Selected programs are available online as well.

Seven-day meditation retreat

October 5th – 12th, 2024

This retreat is considered especially valuable. Over the course of seven days we can bring the mind into a state of continuous focus or one-mind. Such deep immersion opens the gate into seeing one’s own nature and the transformative experience that Chan leads into.

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Public talks

Each month our teacher, Chan master Žarko Andričević, gives a free public talk. Topics range from basic teachings of Buddhism and how to apply Chan (Zen) wisdom in everyday life, to practical advice on how to meditate. These talks can help you find inspiration for the path of inquiry and realization that Buddhism and meditation present.

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Public talk

Public talk

Wednesday, 16.10.2024. od 19:00-20:30



Chan meditation

Self-work? Yes, but what does that actually mean? Meditation is not just a technique that teaches us how to reduce stress, how to relax, focus and calm down. Supported by a teacher and a community, Buddhist meditation is a path of liberation from self-centeredness. It develops insight into our deep interconnectedness with others, and compassion toward all sentient beings.

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Meditation course

Tranquility and Insight, meditation course

Saturday, 16.11.2024. u 9:00 -
Sunday, 17.11.2024. u 17:00

Chan Center Hartovski Vrh and online

Hartje bb, Kostanjevac | Zoom

Meditation retreats

Intensive meditation retreats are the heart of Chan practice. They are a chance to take a deep look inwards and deepen the scope of our experience. Becoming concentrated, in touch with our body and feelings, and free of tension is a prerequisite for a healthier and wiser perspective on life.



Seven-day retreat

Seven-day meditation retreat

Saturday, 05.10.2024. u 16:30 -
Saturday, 12.10.2024. u 12:00

Chan Center Hartovski Vrh

Hartje bb, Kostanjevac