The new centre, situated in the pristine surroundings of a nature park, 70 minutes driving distance from the capital, will become the focal point of the Croatian Chan Buddhist community's vibrant activities. These will follow two broad programmes, one pertaining to Buddhist studies and the other to Chan practice. The centre's residential nature will allow prolonged stays for all who wish to taste a simple life dedicated to study, work and the cultivation of mindfulness. Principal activities will be Chan meditation retreats suited for a wide range of participants - from beginners and families to advanced practitioners, and in a wide range of duration - from one day to two weeks for group retreats, as well as longer periods for solitary retreats. The centre will house a school for meditation instructors and for the training of Dharma teachers. It will become a hub for a special programme that is unique to our community, Chan in movement through the disciplines of zenyoga and kempo. In a broader sense and in addition to specifically Chan content, the centre is envisioned as an exemplary application of principles governing Buddhist social ideals and its relationship towards nature. It will serve as a platform to promote cooperation and dialogue with similar religious and other organizations in the country and abroad. Its design and technical solutions will showcase the feasible application of sustainable and energy efficient philosophy in practice. It will be a place of education and meeting, striving to foster both individuals and the broader society.