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On Clear Mind 2, public talk

On Clear Mind 2, public talk

Of the pair of Chinese Buddhist poets with the same name – Han Shan, the author of the poem ‘Of Clear Mind’ belongs to a closer historical period to us – the Ming Dynasty of the 16th century.

Han Shan Te Ching early on realized his calling as a monk and joined a Buddhist sangha while still a child. He studied, commented on sutras, wrote poems, and practiced meditation in various Buddhist schools. He lived an exceptionally rich and wondrous life, immersed in the practice as a devoted student and teacher.

The poems of Han Shan are the essence and poetic distillation of such a life. Inspired by practice, they resonate with the fruits and features of Chan, directly pointing to the mind.

‘Of Clear Mind’, a four-stanza poem, will be interpreted by the Chan teacher Žarko Andričević in the upcoming series of public lectures. Let us embark together on this series of lectures and listen as Han Shan, through his verses born from the depths of practice, unveils the veils that obscure the true nature of self, inherent to all – the genuine human nature.

Public talk is open to all and it is a great opportunity to get more information about our activities and how to join them.

Talks are held via Zoom. Simultaneous English translation is provided. Join here.


06.12.2023. u 19:00 20:30


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