The Chan Center is a nonprofit organization financed by membership fees, program fees and donations. Regular income is essential for its proper functioning. By becoming a member you are enabling the Chan Center to operate smoothly as a place of spiritual practice for yourself and others.

We invite everyone who participates in the activities of the Center, has taken the Threefold Refuge and the Five precepts, as well as all the sympathizers, to become a member and thereby contribute to the preservation of the Center.

Membership is not a prerequisite for participation in the Center’s activities. You can also support us by regularly participating in our programs as well as by making donations.


Associate Membership

Intended primarily for all those who want to support the Center and occasionally participate in its activities.

The membership fee of 7 EUR/7,5 USD is paid monthly for a minimum of twelve months.

After six months’ payment, associate members receive discount on the Center’s programs. Included is the use of our large library.

Full Membership

For everyone who wants to regularly participate in group meditations and join our seminars and meditation retreats that take place several times a year. A prerequisite for this type of membership is a completed introductory meditation course

The membership fee of 14 EUR/15 USD is paid monthly, for a minimum of twelve months.

After six months’ payment, full members receive additional discount on the Center’s programs. Included is the use of our large library.


All those who associate our Chan Center with their spiritual well-being and perceive it as an important place to support can decide to make a significant contribution in the form of a sponsorship. 

Sponsors receive substantial discount to all activities at the Center. Included is the use of our large library.

The sponsorship fee of 33 EUR/36 USD or more is paid monthly for a minimum of twelve months.


Our Center is located on 2.6 hectares of land and it consists of five buildings –  support us by volunteering your skills and knowledge!  You can enjoy a delicious meal and get some sore muscles by discovering the charms of old fashion activities such as weeding, pruning, plucking, digging, mowing etc.

Surrounded by beautiful nature, you will have an opportunity to “hone” your composure and attention through activities that resemble everyday life, yet aren’t emotionally charged and therefore much easier to practice in. See the calendar for the dates of our next volunteering opportunities.


Our goal is simple: to share the knowledge and the methods of Chan Buddhism, in accordance with Buddha’s principle of generosity and giving (dāna). The recommended donations to participate in our meditation retreats and other programs are extremely affordable. This is thanks to the fact that everyone who participates in keeping the Center alive continuously donates their time and money, so that we can all reap the fruits of these donations and enjoy the results of Chan practice.

By donating, you are helping us create even better content and programs related to Chan Buddhism, wisdom and meditation.

Thank you!